K9 Nano Mist Spray we have extensively tested in different situations and on different types of fur. This spray is so sublime that we can not miss it in daily use in the grooming salon, but also on our show coats!

The spray gives an exceptional volume to the coat, but remains extremely combable. A characteristic that we can not say from other volume products. With wool coats such as the Keeshonden, Australian shepperds, ... the coat of which is voluminous, but still lively and natural, it is an excellent choice. It seems as if he optically doubles the wool that is present in the coat.


He also does amazing work on curly fur such as Poedel, Bichon Frisé, ... Can be used on wet or dry hair! If you are looking for volume with a natural look, test it yourself! Ask us more info to also adjust the shampoos for a unique result in cooperation with this spray


Another feature that makes it impossible to miss him in daily use is the "faster dry" function. To date, we have always been very skeptical about these claims. But even during the first test, we had to revise our opinion! This is amazing, even among other brands that also promise this function.

The Nano Mist "faster dry" function really works! Spray on towel dry hair and leave for 3 minutes. Even the contact time, which you lose, is a piece of cake next to the result.

We now use it on almost all coats. Obviously on the coats that need more volume, but also on the short-cut and even shaved dogs. Finishing the coat, even on 5 mm shaved fur, is a world of difference.

Also the heads of ao. Maltese, Shih-tsu, ... get a few puffs of Nano Mist for drying.


Discover it for yourself! In order to convince you of it, we always offer you a discount of 10% with every Poducttest. You can enter the code PRODUCT-TEST until the 15th of January in the box 'discount code' when you have arrived in the shopping cart on our webshop.

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