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With more than 20 years of experience, the GROOM-EXPERT is the professional in the field of dog fur.

Because of their years of experience in grooming competitions, exhibitions, professional groomers, teachers, handler and trainer, they have the right baggage to advise you professionally in the coat care of dogs and to help you effectively with specific coat problems.

They can assist and coach you to optimize your current knowledge to top level.

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Thé Consultant for optimum coatcare of your dog.



Thé Consultant for optimum coatcare of your cat.



Thé Consultant for supporting independant doggroomers.



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Breeders & Showdogs


Thé Consultant for optimising your coatcondition, your grooming and handling.



The Consultant for optimum coatcare of your horse.




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 We regularly organise regelmatig unique events voor Owners and Professional Groomers . 

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