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A professional view at the poodle by Allison Foley (Canada)


16-17 FEB 2019 in Mechelen (Belgium)


All about showing your poodle + Workshop grooming + Workshop handling

The optimum poodle coatcare inbetween groomings by Wendy Schellens (Belgium)


1 DEC 2018 te Heist-op-den-Berg


Do you also want your poodle to look neat and tidy?

As a poodle owner, you learn how to shave muzzle and feet in the right way, washing and drying techniques, care and product knowledge to do at home

From  puppy tot high quality showcoat by Wendy Schellens (Belgium)


21 OKT - 25 NOV 2018 te Heist-op-den-Berg


Learn all techniques, tips 'n trics to prepare a young poodlecoat with high quality condition

For poodles, all sizes and colours, from puppy to juniordog.

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