Our main objective at GROOM-EXPERT is to solve coat problems. This can vary from excessive hair loss or frequent tangle formation to repairing broken fur and bringing the coat into the right condition. We have a lot of experience in treating coats and where necessary we will also consult your veterinarian.

We will always first analyze the current state and look for the cause of the problem. Only then can we make a correct diagnosis and tackle your problem in a targeted manner. You will always receive a customized treatment schedule. If necessary we can carry out the treatment for you or we teach you how to apply the treatment schedule.

Of course we will not leave you to your fate, but we would like to have a good follow-up of your problem.

Thé Consultant for optimum

coatadvice for you dog



Dogs have different types of fur and should be treated in the right way, with the right materials and products.


We notice that puppy stores or even breeders provide little to no accurate information about the care of your (future) dog.

Often shopkeepers just sell a brush, comb or other materials and products without any knowledge!

The internet is also full of amateur, wrong information and myths !! !!


We are happy to advise you on the proper care of your dog and his specific maintenance.

In an extensive interview we will tell you how you can best maintain the coat for one

optimal coat condition, and what the task of the dog groomer is.

If necessary, we will be happy to work with you to find a suitable dog groomer in your neighborhood.


If you wish to purchase a new puppy, please inform us first to be sure that you

choose the right variety that suits your needs.


1. PROBLEM ?                                 2. ANALYSE                                         3. DIAGNOSIS                             4.TREATMENT AND AFTERCARE



Especially for dog owners who want to take care of the coat of their dog at home.

We regularly organize UNIQUE workshops. In group, or in private session, you will be guided in your knowledge and ability.

The workshops for individuals are no substitute for a turn at the grooming salon, because we do not consider this to be ethically justified. They are all complementary between the trim turns to provide optimal care.

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Unfortunately, new grooming parlors is hyped in the last 10 years. The quality of many dog ​​grooming salons is no longer what it is supposed to be and it has become a quest to select a skilled groomer from the large selection.

For years this profession has been a hype because most beginners have the romantic idea to work with dogs. Nothing is as it seems, because taking care of dogs in the right ethical manner is not a job to be underestimated.

Some dog groomers sometimes go over to an 'easier and / or commercial' technique and this will damage the coat of your dog. As a result: structural change, color fading, skin irritations, general unhealthiness of the dog and many more.

Did you have the misfortune that the coat of your dog is damaged, or if you suspect that he has been treated wrongly, you will certainly contact us.

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