Thé Consultant for optimising


the coatcondition,

your grooming and handling


If you are looking for perfection as breeder of showhandler, then you are at the right place.

As experienced professional groomers we can recommend you the best products for your specific requirements. Because of our experience, we also know how to make the right combinations without being tied to one specific brand.

Good performances in the show ring do not end with only the perfectly built dog.

The total package is of ultimate importance. We are happy to help you with an analysis and upgrading your performance.


In an extensive interview we analyze the current coat condition, we look at your performance in show handling and we advise you on any specific problems.

Together with you, we look for the highest possible level!




We would be happy to advise you on styling and finishing your dog at the show. Through our years of experience, we have especially learned the power of combining products without being tied to 1 brand. Not only the product itself, but also the method of use and the extra tips & trics ensure the optimal result!




We would be happy to advise you on maintaining and taking care of your show coats. You do not obtain a certain coat condition by using a specific product once. Only by combining the right products with the right method and in a fixed treatment plan you can achieve the best results. We are happy to advise you on achieving your objective.

We also manufacture 'our own brand' customized protection in various designs: Socks, ear protection, belly protection against urine, ... All Groom-Expert protection can only be found in our webshop!




You can contact us for optimizing your performance in the ring. No standard laps on the ring training, but tailored to your needs to perform better in the ring.




We regularly organize UNIQUE seminars, master classes and workshops. In a limited group, or in a private session, you are guided in the subject of the day.

Check regularly for an update of our EVENTS agenda or LIKE our FACEBOOK page to stay informed of all our events.

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